Disclaimer terms of use site ravit Avital

1. General
These terms and conditions govern the use of any user of the Web site address. www.ravitavital.co.il. Of a business named Ravit Avital (hereinafter “the site” and/or “Ravit”) and all services made available through the site (collectively the “Services”) Please read these terms carefully.
Emphasize that by using the services including but not limited to visiting or browsing the site, you agree to these terms and conditions.
If you do not agree to these terms and conditions and privacy policy of the site, you may not use the services of the site.
The site’s management reserves the right to cancel your account at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, if we saw you standing in the provisions of these terms of use.
The site’s management reserves the right to update these terms of use, at any time, at its sole discretion based on business needs and circumstances. Your responsibilities as a user of the site is to check the terms of use from time to time and changes.
The site’s management reserves the right to terminate at any time this website, without alerting and/or notice.
Site content and these terms are formulated for the sake of convenience only. The reference is to the two sexes. Wherever the content styled site and/or these terms in the singular reference is to an individual and/or to many as applicable.

2. A summary of the services offered within this site
The site provides an online platform for the sale of jewelry, hair accessories, and other accessories products.
The site users can purchase online the products offered on the site, or contact the site manager for purchase.
Any person or company that performs some action on the site, including purchasing operation person (hereinafter “customer”), essentially making the site that read these terms that is agreed to the rules and that the purchase process on the website shall be subject to the conditions set forth in these bylaws and who have and/or on its behalf any claim or suit against ROE. Café and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or directors and/or employees, except claims related to explicit commitment of Ravit according to bylaws.

3. Online sales of products
Product service and postcard only awarded geographical areas defined by Ravit sole discretion (hereinafter “service areas”). Ravit reserves the exclusive right to modify the service from time to time without giving prior notice.
Supply of products purchased on the site is possible only when the requested address is within the service area and no technical or other restriction that prevents delivery of goods.
Product names will appear within the site (hereinafter: “products list”).
Ravit is not obligated in any manner whatsoever for any range of products on the site. Ravit may change or remove at any time any of the products listed.
The site products determined by the management of the site from time to time at its sole discretion. Clarified that the product images shown on the website are for illustration purposes only and are not binding Ravit in any way.
The missing products in stock – The site’s management does its best in order to update the status of the stock in real time, however, there are cases where the requested product is missing in the stock. In that case, the customerwill not be charged for the product, we will contact the customerin order to update him/her and to recommend a replacement product if possible if the customerrequests it.

4. Prices
The prices of the products to be published on the site are the prices of the products as they were last updated before the date of the customer’s visit to Ravit’s website and / or at the date of typing the order and its approval by the customer at the site, whichever is later. Ravit will be entitled to update the prices of the products on the site from time to time, regardless of the date of the visit and / or execution of the order by the customer.
Regarding your website sales by phone, email or the Web site, whether character matters products price embedded on them or not, the prices of products sold on this website do not necessarily correspond to the prices of products sold elsewhere related to Ravit, even if Ravit will Operate physical sales stores or warehouse sales from which the products are collected for delivery to the customer. In any event, the price stated on the account will be charged, which is a price that is not the price appears (if it appears) on a price on any product. The rates set for the completion of the acquisition, by purchase, charged the rates are within the order, as they appear on the site as mentioned above.
Brands products prices include value added tax (VAT).

5. Making the acquisition of the site
Adding individual products and / or loading a list of products will create the shopping basket that the customer wants to purchase, from the variety of products presented on the site or in the customer’s personal lists.
Purchase and of the range of products displayed on the site or in the client’s personal lists.
Completion of the acquisition is performed by pressing a button. The customer will enter the details of the closure process.
At the end of the process, a page will be presented showing the details of the order and a unique order number that will serve as a reference for sending an order.
Ravit reserves the right to cancel and/or not to give someone the right to make purchases on the site, without providing any reasons for the decision.

6. Payment
Payment for purchases on the site will be made by credit card, belonging to the customer ordering the details of whose identity match the data entered into the system on the “Customer Details” page. If the customer chooses to use a different credit card, he will enter all the details as required on the website, and the details of this card will be saved along with the credit card details available on the site.
The terms of the credit will be in accordance with the conditions that will be customary in the stores of the company at the time of supply.

7. Operations hours
Type of on-site order ravit is possible around the clock, except if the site is down for maintenance and/or for any other reason. Delivery times and dates of the booking, subject to the conditions set forth in these bylaws. The Web site displays the available delivery times for shipping depending on your area and subject to service areas of Ravit.
Opening hours of the customer service center are as follows:
Sun-Thu from 9:00 – 20:30 – 15:30, 23:00
Notwithstanding the provisions everywhere in the bylaws, it is hereby clarified that, changes may be exceptions in special provisions and the special opening hours of customer service hotline and Ravit committed to these times.

8. Shipping
Delivery will be coordinated with the customer. It is clarified that compliant with customer and delivery at home at the time of the match, will be charged at full shipping fee for shipping returns, in addition to shipping them charged (if required), in accordance with the rates stipulated in this site, even if the original shipment is free of postage or benefit in shipping.
Shipping charges are $50 for sale in Israel. Over $1,500 in order shipping will be free.
Delivery to overseas shipping will be subject to the terms of the shipping company, depending on the destination and the delivery price of the shipping company.
Ravit reserves the right to update the shipping periodically and discretion and does not undertake to notify in advance of the change.

9. Supplies
The supply of products in the order that you receive will be subject to the approval of the transaction and payment by credit card (credit card payment) and Ravit reserves the right not to approve a fee which is not acceptable on it according to its sole discretion.
Ravit try to deliver all the products, but not always all products available for delivery in a timely manner. Therefore, Ravit does not undertake to provide all the products needed, whether that are in stock or not and will not make any claims against Ravit for failure to supply any product order. Ravit provide the customer only the products that are in stock, or replacements in coordination with the customer as the customer explicitly requesting it.
Ravit did not back in the order, the price of the product (s) not be provided, and in accordance with the above.
If Ravit does not meet the requested supply time the customer is still obligated to pay to Ravit for delivery.
If agreed with the customer that he agrees that the products ordered will be next to the door for supplies or other popular hand he held as doing it on full responsibility and will not be able to make claims and/or claims and/or demands whatsoever to Ravit, including but not limited to, in the case of stolen goods And will be charged with the full amount of Kenya and shipping.

10. Returning products
The customer must check the delivery contents with it and edit the formula are available for booking and invoice will be delivered to him at the time of delivery.
In case of mismatch is discovered in the wake of the test or because of lack of customer satisfaction regarding the products provided, the customer can return and receive a full refund on your purchase if the products become up to 4 business days of receiving your product purchase to 7 business days for Israel to purchase from abroad until 14 business days From the moment the product in Israel or abroad can replace another product with the same product worth purchasing.
About hair accessories for brides to bring the product up to 5 business days after the event that the proprietor hair accessory came and receive credit for purchase deal worth the rest of Ravit products excluding hair accessories.
Anyway, shipping of the products are for the client’s account only. Customer received the product will return to Ravitabout account customer who asks that the product will be collected where provided him or any other place, subject to the approval of Ravit, will shipping cost for transportation.

11. Specials
From time to time, products will be sold in Bruit as part of promotional campaigns (hereinafter: “specials”).
If Ravit decides to make specials the operation is valid until the last date of the special or until the finished inventory (according to the earliest ones), and subject to such terms and conditions and/or the relevant operation, and/or subject to specified on the product offered as part of the operation.

12. Cancel/Modify a reservation
Cancel/change booking can be made through the customer service. See more about returns policy.
Ravit may cancel an order for any reason. Ravit shall not be responsible and not carry any direct, indirect, consequential or special, incurred by the customer or third party in respect of cancellation as stipulated, including if you cancel the order because the product is out of stock, etc.

13. Purchase by phone
Booking and purchase by the customer on the site can be made by Internet media and through telephone communication between the customer and Ravit .For the avoidance of doubt it is clarified that the provisions of these bylaws regarding purchasing via the Internet, shall apply mutatis mutandis to the invitation.

14. Product Notes
There may be mistakes and/or discrepancies in products.
Images are for illustration purposes only.
Ravit and product providers may, from time to time, to determine conditions and restrictions regarding supply and abnormal transfer of products, including supplies to nearby in coordination with the client. In the case of transportation, ravit the site and/or products providers may charge additional fees in accordance with the listed and/or website as approved by phone or another individually with the customer.

15. Responsibility
Ravit is not responsible for any damage (including damage to body) and/or loss and/or Pocket drawback (hereinafter: “any damage) incurred to the customer or any third side as a result of a purchase made at Ravit and/or may have the ability to purchase and incurred as a result of the Act and/or omission and/or gross negligence of the customer and/or any third party Including, purchase made with a credit card without the consent of its owner, a purchase made by a minor and/or disqualify law without the consent of the parents, which will be executed on the site by any third party in damages, and an action to be performed by any third party using customer password ravit etc.
The customer shall bear full liability for damage and/or disadvantage any Pocket caused him and/or ravit and/or any third side due to a mistake in typing, including typing mistake, wrong address type your credit card details, by typing the address and so on.
The customer dismiss Ravit from responsibility for damage of any kind that may be caused to him and/or any third side as a result of a technical malfunction in hardware and/or software related to the site.
Ravit shall not be responsible, with regard to the site, for any damage that may be caused to the customer and/or any third side as a result of the Act or omission that is not under its control, including but not limited to-top power, such as war, earthquakes, extreme weather, etc.
Ravit shall not be responsible, with regard to the site, for any damage incurred to the customer and/or any third side due to a communications malfunction (or telephone or facsimile) deriving from the Act and/or omission and/or gross negligence of Internet providers and/or telephone communication providers and/or facsimile.
Ravit shall not be responsible for any damage caused, directly or indirectly, to the customer and/or any third side, regarding products and/or services purchased ravit and that third is a manufacturer and/or importer provided them their ravit, including defects in the products, services (including transport and/or installation) , A discrepancy between the product description on the site, etc., subject to applicable law.
Without prejudice to any of the foregoing, in no event will incur great damage amount Ravit on the products which were invited and paid by the customer.
In any case, Ravit jobs, officers, directors, employees, or agents will not be responsible to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, trailer including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses and damages arising from errors, the mistakes mistakes monitors Or inaccuracies in content.

16. Privacy
By visiting or register on the website, the customer agrees that the information provided by and/or collected him within its site, saved to the database of Ravit to manage and streamline the service and operational needs, context, statistical and marketing, including direct mail and information processing for implementation purposes.
Ravit may use information you provided and information collected about the client’s usage patterns to improve the services, to improve the relationship with the customer, direct mailing purposes or for analysis and delivery of statistical information to third parties, including advertisers, provided that this information will not identify the customer.

17. Revit’s site rights
Intellectual property, including copyright and/or trademarks and/or designs and/or patents and similar rights in this site, including site design, software, applications, graphics files, texts, images, technologies, processes, content, logos, computer code and other material contained on the site (” Site content “), are wholly owned and exclusively of Ravit, or of third parties that Ravit has received from them license to use.
Ravit retains all rights and property in the site content, and the very entrance to license and/or any right in the content and/or the site.
The site and the site content are intended solely for private and non-commercial use, and their use is restricted solely for the sale and purchase of the products. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, sell and/or present material as detailed above, unless the prior written permission of Ravit.
If the site contains links to websites and services provided by other third parties, these links are provided for informational purpose only. To Ravit has no control over the contents of the links or site liable for any loss or damage and/or any representation that can result from them.

18. Miscellaneous
Ravit may assign, transfer or delegate rights and obligations without consent. There is not generated between Ravit Users of the site, agency relations, partnership, joint venture, or employment as a result of using the services offered on the site. The law is the law of the State of Israel.
The jurisdiction is the Court in the Tel Aviv District.
You agree that these terms of use constitute an agreement between Ravit And you as a user of the site.